Santa Emmett Thomason

Virtual visits - Are a computer online ZOOM visit, usually about 15- 20 minutes long. Santa will send the parents an email ahead of time with a link to the ZOOM meeting. Five minutes before the scheduled visit, make sure your computer or laptop is on, the kiddos are ready, you have your email opened and click on the link to open ZOOM. Santa will usually contact the parents and go over pertinent information about the children “that only Santa would know”! If the atmospheric conditions are ok and the internet holds up, Santa will try to record the visit and email you a copy of the visit or a link to the recording. Virtual visits are $50.

Home Visits - Santa will usually contact the parents and go over pertinent information about the children (names/ages etc.) “that Santa would know”. Usually, the parents will have wrapped gifts for the children (no bows or tags as they come off in Santas red bag). Please use a black magic marker to write the child’s name on the gift. Leave them in front or by the garage in a trash bag. Santa will transfer the gifts into his big red bag. Santa will knock on the front door at the scheduled time, make his grand entrance and greet everyone. Typically, Santa will address the children, do a simple magic trick, tell a story, read a story and then have the children (one at a time) come sit on his knee or sit beside him and Santa will ask their name, age etc. and ask what they would like for Christmas. Parents may take a picture of the child and Santa with their gift, instructing them all to wait until everyone has a present then all may open their present. After all have received their presents, Santa will count to three then “pandemonium”! After all are open, the family groups may have pictures taken with Santa. Santa will then gather up his materials and make an exit. Payment may be made with Venmo (@SANTAEMMETT); cash (preferred) or with a check. Discrete payments can be made with cash or check taped to the bottom of a paper plate with a couple of cookies “for the road” or in a Christmas card. Home visits 1-3 children are 30 minutes for $100. Visits with 4- 15 children are 1 hour for $200.

Company or Corporate Parties - first hr $200; second hr $150; third hr+ $100 each

Christmas Eve Visits - 30 minutes $200.

Christmas Morning Visits - 30 minutes $250.

Special Visits:

Sneak & Peak - This is a $250 home visit (15-20min) on Christmas Eve only. Santa will deliver your prepackaged gifts to be placed under the Christmas tree and fill the stockings while the children and parents quietly hide and watch…shhhh…remember, you are spying on Santa and wouldn’t want to startle him with a camera flash! (Please no flash cameras…however you may quietly record Santa with your cell phone or camcorder). These visits are available after 10 pm on Christmas Eve only. Please remember to sequester or board the dog! HOHOHO!

Sneak & Peek Plus - This is a continuation (up to an additional 30 minutes) of a Sneak & Peek visit where everyone jumps out from hiding as Santa finishes with the gifts and surprises Sant! Then everyone can join Santa with cookies and milk and you can take all the flash pictures you want. This will surely make a memory the kiddos will remember FOREVER! This visit is $300.

Photography Session - $100/hr

Please consider scheduling your visit or event in September or October as Santa Emmett’s schedule fills up fast! The earlier you book your party the more likely you will get your desired day and time.

Please consider scheduling your visit or event in late September or October as Santa Emmett’s schedule fills up fast!

Santa is available for (but not limited to):

  • Home visits, private parties and special deliveries
  • Print/video advertisements and commercials
  • Corporate and company parties and events
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Community gatherings and events, including parades, tree lighting, and festivals
  • Hospital and nursing home visits
  • Day care and preschool visits
  • Grand openings
  • Christmas Eve Parties - Sneak & Peek; Sneak & Peak Plus
  • Neighborhood and apartment complex parties and events; HOA events
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Cookies and milk with Santa; Cookie decorating
  • Storybook time with Santa
  • Photography studios
  • Country Club Events; Brunches, lunches or dinners
  • Pool Parties with Summer Santa

These are just some of the activities that Santa is available for, but it is not an inclusive list. Don’t see the event or activity that you want Santa Emmett for, please feel free to contact him, as he is available for most any event.